Hi there and welcome. It’s Kerstin Jatho here, a transformational coach from 4Seeds Consulting, where we shift people from languishing to flourishing. In this video, I wanted to talk to you about the concept of bullied assistance.

I recently heard the term in a webinar, and it intrigued me. What is bullied assistance? And officially there is no such term. I mean, we know what bullying is. That is really being horrible and mobbing people or a group on a continual basis. But how do leaders apply bullied assistance in the workplace? And you might be wondering if they do that. But if you think about it, when a leader gives feedback to an employee, aren’t they actually sometimes bullying the employee into a solution or answer that the leader has in mind? Isn’t that a bit of bullying?

So, when you think about it as a leader, when you do provide feedback to an employee, always look at, is this in the best interest of the employee, as well as the situation? Ask the employee if they actually want to receive feedback, because they might not want it at that stage, or are ready to receive it.

Look for a win-win solution for both of you, because your way might not be the best way. So next time you do feedback, just think about the intent behind your feedback you are giving to someone.

Thank you for watching. I look forward to connecting with you in the next one.

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Is it time to have a tough discussion with a leader?

About the Author: Kerstin Jatho

Kerstin is the senior transformational coach and team development facilitator for 4Seeds Consulting. She is also the author of Growing Butterfly Wings, a book on applying positive psychology principles during a lengthy recovery. Her passion is to develop people-centred organisations where people thrive and achieve their potential in the workplace. You can find Kerstin on LinkedIn, Soundcloud, YouTube and Facebook.

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