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The end of a year is a time of reflection and magical mystery. December is the month many of us take stock of our past year. We decide on what was great and what wasn’t so nice (no desire to repeat). We categorise and compartmentalise our experiences and then we use our values and beliefs to score our year. What mark did you give 2015?

We look at what we want to let go of and what we want to replace it with. This is where the magical mystery aspect comes into play because we begin to dream of a healthy, happy, abundant year ahead. We dream of more of this and less of that and we sky-gaze and dream on. When we wake up from our day dream what happens next? Are those dreams going to remain just fantasies and wishful thinking or are we going to take control and make them happen? We all have unfulfilled dreams, like our own personal bucket list, but we seldom take the time to sit down and review our dreams and then move into the crucial step of planning how to get there. The key to success is moving from dreaming to action!

Let’s begin by getting all your dreams out of your mind and heart and onto paper. You have permission to dream as big and wild as you possibly can. Go for as long as you can and don’t limit yourself to a set number of say 10 things (that will hinder your dreaming and will lead to rational thinking). We’ll get to that soon, but for now just dream.

1. What would you like to do in 2016? Think of your career, hobbies, sports, education etc.
2. Who would you like to be or become?
3. What would you like to be involved with?
4. What places do you want to see?
5. What would you like to have? This is not about what you need but what you want to have.

I’m hoping that you’ve written down an abundance of dreams. If you feel you have not dreamt it all out; continue. When I did this exercise it took me three days to keep adding to my dream-list.

If you look at your list, you’ll have to admit that there is no way that you will be able to manage them all in a year; some dreams are going to take longer than others to accomplish and you need to get the right timeline mix. But before you do that I want you to review your dream-list and categorise it into three sections.

1. Nice to have, but not worth the effort
2. Not sure
3. Non-negotiable dream

All dreams you labelled “non-negotiable” are your Core dreams and we’ll focus on only those for 2016.

Now let’s move into the time frame portion. Take your Core dreams and rank them into short, medium or long-term goals. There should be a healthy mix of all three timelines.

Finally, move onto your last planning step. Next to each Core dream jot down two actions you need to do to breathe life into the dream. Write it all out and hang your 2016 dream list somewhere that is visible to you.

Well done, you have completed your 2016 roadmap!

Should you require assistance in setting your 2016 goals feel free to contact us at info@4seeds.co.za and will gladly support you in achieving your dreams.